So, you like biking. That is a great start. Perhaps you are considering bike touring on your next summer vacation? I have collected a bunch of good reasons for credit card bike touring, and a description of what a great day can be on the road, if you need more convincing. You can also check out my guide to where, when and how to go touring, unfortunately mostly for Europe. I have also written quite a bit about the trips I have done, for inspiration, but there are many other specialized sites for finding great bike trails. I have used bikemap.

Have you already made up your mind, and perhaps even started training? Excellent, but unfortunately there’s quite a few things you need to do before you’re ready to go. Fortunately, I have a few guides for you:

I have also some warnings I hope you’ll read, and a handy packing list for all things you need to pack and do before your go. I have put more than 30 years of travel experience into that list!

Good luck!

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